Why I wear bow ties

Bow Tie AficionadoI started wearing bow ties a few years ago. At first, I bought one to wear to church. The other dudes — with a very rare exception — wore traditional ties. So, I decided to stand out.

After a purchase and spending about two weeks reviewing a YouTube tutorial (don’t worry… it took that long since I had no one to help me out in person), it was time for the debut outing.

Initially, I felt nervous, but once I arrived many people complimented me on my neckwear. As a bachelor, my goal was to woo the ladies, and they LOVED the tie. I won’t say that bravery was involved, but I stood out — in a good way. What surprised me was when other guys were impressed; they wished they could pull off the look.

Was this beginner’s luck? I tried wearing it again and enjoyed the raving of gals and dudes. Therefore, I began building a collection that enables me to sport only bow ties most of the time.

Bow ties are a source of a confidence boost. If you want positive attention, wear a bow tie.