How to Protect Bow Ties from Beards

Honest Amish Beard Wax

There are two things that mean a lot to me: my beard (which are good for a man’s health) and bow ties.

However, these two beloved things can conflict. A few years ago, my facial hair — whether it was stubble or long — would fray the top of my ties. Traditional ties are not as likely to suffer as their knots sit well below the chin while the bows sit much closer. This was not good.

Here are two strategies that protect my neckwear from my beard — which is important during Movember when bow tie devotees need to support the bros in championing Men’s Health research regarding Prostate and Testicular Cancer, mental health, and other issues:

  • Trimming: I keep my facial hair short by trimming it every 6 – 7 days. One can buy a decent trimmer for $20 – $30 or less at a drug store or online.
  • Beard Wax: The wax acts as an leave in conditioner that softens the hair and makes it more manageable. Rubbing it in each day has certainly helped protect my bow ties. I use Honest Amish Beard Wax, which costs less than $20 and lasts a few months. It is available on Amazon and Etsy.

I wasn’t approached or compensated to review this beard wax.