John Paul Stevens

Why Retired US Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens Wears Bow Ties

John Paul StevensServing as a justice on the US Supreme Court requires a sharp person. It takes smarts to adjudicate and to use large words like “adjudicate.”

So, it isn’t that unreasonable to expect male justices to have the ability to handle bow ties like traditional ties. Or, is it?

Retired US Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens is a notable bow tie fan. His preference was subject to speculation and discussion in the legal community. He told the Washington Post‘s Robert Barnes, “The truth is that I can’t tie a four-in-hand” (hat tip: ABA Journal‘s Debra Cassens Weiss).

All snarkiness aside, Justice Stevens likely has great neckwear tying prowess that he’s humbly hiding. However, no one can question his choice in neckwear.

I wish that I had his ability to pick up this skill; it took me several days.

In case you’re wondering, you can learn how to a tie a four-in-hand knot.