Five Bow Tie Themed Charities

Five Bow Tie Themed Charities

Bow ties help people form a community, and it is wonderful when that community unites to better society.  Here are five bow tie themed charities that are worth noting.  There are more (more posts like this one will likely follow on this site).  If you know any events, mention them in the comments or contact me.

Bow Ties & Belles – The Campagna Center in Arlington, VA, USA

An annual Kentucky Derby party that raises funds for the center’s mission of advancing education in communities.

The Good South Scholarship Fund – The Good South

The founders of this online attire shop — that sells bow ties — following a Southern (US) style help support university-bound youth.

Bow Tie March & 5K Run – Healing Pathways Cancer Resource Center in Rockford, IL, USA

This annual event is held to honor male cancer survivors and those who cancer affects.

Tie Us Together – Columbia, SC, USA on February 7, 2014

An event hopeing to get into the Guiness Book of World Records for the “most bow ties tied simultaneously.”  The current record is 417, which was set in England.  All funds raised go to the Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital.  Registration.

The Bow Tie Flow

This is an online store that will donate 20% of proceeds to charity, which changes each year.