Bow Ties and Sex

Bow Ties and Sex

Now that I have your attention…

From my own observations, I have found that many people find bow ties sexy. Hell, even some videos from sites similar to have characters sporting their own bow tie. Many gals have commented how much they like my bow ties while guys have expressed jealousy in my ability to pull one off (putting the first one on is the half the battle). However, this type of neckwear has another connection to sex.

Two prominent scientists who studied sex — a crucial part of the human experience that we can see in all of it’s glory online at places like— sported bow ties. Regardless if you consider their work taboo, creepy, scandalous, helpful, or revolutionary, these two gents are influential individuals who pioneered scientific inquiry that profoundly affects society.

Alfred Kinsey (June 23, 1894 – August 25, 1956)

August 24, 1953 Time Magazine Cover with Alfred Kinsey

August 24, 1953 Time Magazine Cover

Kinsey was an American biologist who many consider as the first sexologist. His most notable writings Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female — known as the Kinsey Reports — were best sellers. He is also known for the Kinsey scale that places sexual orientation (ranging from heterosexuality to homosexuality) on a continuum.

William H. Masters (December 27, 1915 – February 16, 2001)

May 25, 1970 Time Magazine Cover with Masters and Johsnon

May 25, 1970 Time Magazine Cover

Masters, an American gynecologist, along with his colleague Virginia Johnson also studied sex. They focused on sexual response and worked to help individuals suffering from sexual dysfunction improve their sex lives. Like Kinsey, they published texts — including Human Sexual Response and Human Sexual Inadequacy — that were best sellers. They’re the subject of the current TV show Masters of Sex.

No matter how you feel about Kinsey and Masters, they were both prominent scientists, trailblazers, best selling authors, subjects of Time magazine covers, and courageous men who also happened to wear bow ties.