Gordon Gee

Bow Ties Growing in Popularity in West Virginia

Bow tie fanatic Gordon Gee is back in West Virginia.
Five Bow Ties

Five of My Favorite Bow Ties

Does the Bow Tie Aficionado have some favorite ties? Of course, he does!
MeandMatilda Grey and Yellow Lattice Bow Tie

Bow Ties on Etsy

Find and buy wonderful bow ties like this grey and yellow lattice one from MeandMatilda and other Etsy shops.
Karl von Schwarzenberg

Managing the Bow Tie Look

Former Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs Karl von Schwarzenberg pictured here seems to balance bow tie wearing well. He's making a statement that alludes to personal je ne sais quoi while not making himself look like a twit. How can you do that?
John Bull

Notable Bow Tie Wearing Characters

The world -- real and fictional -- needs dudes with cachet and panache.
Bow Ties in the News

Bow Ties in the News

From teen entrepreneurs to aviation safety to fetishes, bow ties are in the news.
John Paul Stevens

Notable Bow Tie Wearers

Many distinguished blokes wear bow ties.
El Cupid Bow Tie from Beau Ties, Ltd. of Vermont

Valentine’s Day Bow Ties

Valentine's Day is soon. Surprise your special someone with a romantic bow tie.
Bow Tie Sales Strong While Overall Neckwear Sales Stagnate

Bow Tie Sales Strong While Overall Neckwear Sales Stagnate

So, why are bow ties selling better than other neckwear?
Bow Tie with Patterned Suit Jacket

What to Wear with a Bow Tie

There's plenty of options for what to wear with a bow tie -- so, be confident and have fun.
Sir Winston Churchill

Why Winston Churchill Wore Bow Ties

Why did the Last Lion find bow ties so compelling and important?
Five Bow Ties

Bow Tie Quotes

Former American Football player Dhani Jones says, "When you wear a bow tie, doors open for you."