El Cupid Bow Tie from Beau Ties, Ltd. of Vermont

Valentine’s Day Bow Ties

Valentine’s Day is coming soon (February 14th each year), and it is time to get ready for it by finding romantic attire to wear for your significant other.

Let’s face it… Bow ties and amor are connected in several ways:

  • Many people find them sexy.
  • In many cases they’re considered more formal than traditional neckwear and can enhance a romantic event.
  • The only time many men wear them is at weddings.
  • They are an integral part of the Chippendales’ — the famous male strippers — uniform, so if you’re trying to reenact a scene you’ve seen from www.tubev.sex or similar adult sites – the bow tie is a must.
  • Two prominent sexologists — Alfred Kinsey and William H. Masters — wore them.
  • Apparently, smiling while wearing one arouses famous British actor Idris Elba.

In fact, Social Primer founder Cooper Ray told the Wall Street Journal that, “Whenever I wear one, women smile.” Whether your special someone is male or female, they may very well appreciate a bow around your neck.

So, what should you look for in a Valentine’s Day bow tie (or one for any other amorous event)? Here’s a Pinterest board to help you out with some inspiration:

Follow Bow Tie Aficionado’s board Valentine’s Day Bow Ties.

Color palette is a major factor when selecting a tie. Obvious choices include red and pink. Black and white also fit this scheme, but due to how closely associated ties that are solidly either of these two colors, it is best to only involve these two colors when they’re part of a pattern. If such a romantic event is a prom, gala, ball, or other formal event that requires black or white tie attire (one rule of thumb is to assess if a tux is involved), then by all means wear a solid black or white tie to adhere to the dress code. However, if it is a date or other activity that lacks the formality of a state dinner, major awards show, or wedding where tuxedos aren’t required, stick with ties with multiple colors and patterns if black and/or white are involved.

Of course, if you and your significant other strongly associate other colors with your particular romance, involve those colors.

Where can you purchase Valentine’s Day bow ties? Here are some retailers selling them:

Note: I haven’t been contacted by any of these vendors for their inclusion in this post. However, if you’re a retailer, feel free to contact me.