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Notable Bow Tie Wearing Characters

Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Just like in real life, there are a several fictional dudes who don bow ties. The world — whether it is fictional or not — needs some blokes with cachet.

This, by no means, is an exhaustive list. As much pop culture as the Aficionado consumes (too much at times), there’s always more. Plus, it is hard to believe that our beloved type of neckwear isn’t represented better in imagined worlds than is captured here.

The 2nd and 11th time lords from Doctor Who (as portrayed by Patrick Troughton and Matt Smith, respectively) are two of the most well known fictional devotees. A major reason for this is Smith’s exclamation that “bow ties are cool,” which fueled a surge in sales and fan art prominently featuring the fashion statement.

Mad Men, the popular period piece about ad men (and women) during the 1960s, features two devotees — the equally eccentric Bert Cooper and Harry Crane. Cooper’s neck tie choice makes him stand out as the quirky, yet influential and powerful, name partner of the Sterling Cooper and Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce firms. As many of other main characters are constantly figuratively treading water, he is one of the most calm and stable presences throughout the series. On the other hand, Crane’s style seems to emphasize his awkwardness that serves as comic relief from time to time. The funny thing is that as most of other characters seem to search in vain for fulfillment from romantic relationships, he’s married and in one of the most stable relationships of the show. Although his fidelity isn’t perfect… It is interesting how Janie Bryant, the show’s fashion head honcho, uses bow ties to bolster these two characters’ idiosyncrasies while cementing their relative stability compared to other characters.

John Bull

John Bull (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

There are certainly other bow tie clad TV characters. Some of these include: Sesame Street‘s Mr. Hooper, The Newsroom‘s Charlie Skinner, Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot, Richard Gilmore of Gilmore Girls, WKRP in Cincinnati‘s Les Nessman, The Wire‘s Brother Mouzone, and Pee Wee Herman. Several doctors — including Downton Abbey‘s Richard Clarkson, Monday Mornings‘ Harding Hooten, NCIS‘s Donald Mallard, and the evil Arthur Arden from American Horror Story: Asylum — also wear them. In the movies Indiana Jones, his father Henry, and Carl Fredricksen from Up are just three.

Cartoon characters like Donald Duck and Boo Boo Bear also sported them. Jimmy Olson from the multimedia Superman franchise likes them, too. In the corporate world, the Maytag Man wears one, too. Don’t forget Uncle Pennybags from Monopoly.

TV and movie characters aren’t the only ones with neckwear panache; America’s Uncle Sam and the UK’s John Bull share this flair. Although Mr. Bull appeared before every American’s uncle, they have outfits with similar color palettes and signature ties. While not always depicted as buddies in political cartoons and propaganda, the special relationship between their countries can certainly have a bromantic influence upon these two national personifications.

Uncle Sam and John Bull

A Bromance between Uncle Sam and John Bull (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

There are certainly more dudes of note. Pay attention to this Pinterest board as it will likely grow.

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