Five Bow Ties

Five of My Favorite Bow Ties

Five Bow Ties

I’m a first generation bow tie devotee — or at least the first one in a couple of generations. Of course, my father, grandfathers, uncles, etc. have worn bow ties from time to time for special events like weddings, but I stand out in my part of the family tree for my neckwear preference. Thus, I had to embark on the process myself.

Winston Churchill biographers claim that one reason why he wore bow ties was to serve as a tribute to his father, Lord Randolph Churchill, even though they had a cool, distant relationship.

If I wasn’t alone in this, I would definitely acquire bow ties from beloved relatives like I have done with cuff links. I own a pair (three total) from both of my grandpas and from a great-grandfather, which serve as a tie to the past for me. However, I hope that if I have sons, they’ll follow in this neckwear tradition. Regardless if that happens or not, I do have nephews who hopefully will desire to emulate their uncle.

With that all in mind, I want to reflect upon five of my current favorite bow ties, which future Aficionado sons/nephews will hopefully don. Maybe they’ll have pleasant and interesting stories to tell about me as people ask why they’re sporting a specific tie.

Let’s go from left to right in the photo:

  1. I bought the blue and gray striped tie when I was out of town for a holiday weekend. As I arrived home, I stopped by to see a bloke that I really admire; he’s the one who fueled my neckwear devotion (although he refuses to wear bow ties himself — even after I gave him a name brand one!). He complimented me effusively about this one. Thus, it is a favorite.
  2. The dark blue one with gray and red flowers is a relatively new addition to my collection. I just really like the pattern and how it looks with my current suits.
  3. The same goes for the paisley patterned one with reds and blues. It stands out well.
  4. When it comes to the paisley patterned one with blue, white, and orange, that was a leap of faith. For the most part, I tried to make sure that my ties have relatively “calm” patterns and colors since simply wearing a bow tie is a statement in itself. This was a bold purchase for me — a bold neckwear choice with a bold pattern and color scheme.
  5. The blue stripped one with ducks reminds me of my teenage years. Growing up my parents had a policy that we wouldn’t have pets (no wonder why most of my siblings have pets now), but I came home from school one day to find ducklings in our garage. My pet averse parents got them. We raised them over several weeks and released them in local ponds. To this day I have fond recollections of our pet ducks that is still accompanied by bewilderment. What were my parents thinking? Whatever they were thinking, I’m glad that they acted.