Wearing Bow Ties is Important

Wearing Bow Ties is Important

A respected image consultant once said that ‘the average person who wears a bow tie is distrusted by all.’ What all bow tie wearers know is that an average person would never be wearing a bow tie in the first place.

That’s what Owen Edwards said forĀ Town and Country, and that is one reason why Jonathan Snyder defends the importance of this important fashion in his article “The Importance of Wearing a Bow Tie” over at Southern League. This neckwear is not for the typical bloke.

Bow ties are worn in many different places, and sometimes they have different meanings to regional style conventions. Snyder argues that in the United States many people associate them with the Northeastern part of the country due to the preppy and upper-class style found so commonly at Ivy League universities. They certainly make appearances at those campuses, but that’s not the only place in the States where they’re found.

Synder explains that bow ties — like seersucker suits — are also an important part of menswear in the Southern part of the country. He saw them at many times during his college days in Alabama’s Birmingham. This neckwear appeared in class presentations, at fraternity shindigs, and at church. As a sartorial choice, they give their wearers distinction — a good impression on a professor, a way to stand out to the ladies, and a better way to fashionably show reverence to God.

Of course, they’re not just for the young. There are plenty of more experienced gentlemen who don bow ties to as Snyder puts it, display a “pride with which these men displayed their neckwear was something special, and uniquely Southern.”

At times there’s still some tension between the North and South in the United States — despite the Civil War in the distant past. However, it is nice to know that bow ties are worn and celebrated in both of these parts of the country. It’s great how fashion can help “tie” them together.