Sir Winston Churchill

The Churchill Centre’s Bow Ties

Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Churchill (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s (aka “The Last Lion”) persona is inseparable from one of his iconic fashion statements — his signature Turnbull & Asser bow ties. Check out the Pinterest board below for proof. Churchill biographer Barry Singer argues that he wore them as a tribute to his father, Lord Randolph Churchill.

Dandy is a label that’s certainly part of his colorful life. Soldier, Boer prison camp escapee, war correspondent, author, national hero, politician, statesman, and cigar chewer are several other terms that describe this distinguished — yet complicated — bloke who enjoyed great highs and deep lows throughout his life. Ultimately, he helped the British Empire and the Allied forces win World War II.

The Churchill Centre understands this, and it sells its own bow ties with Winston’s profile made by Ben Silver of Charleston, South Carolina. There’s a blue one as well as red one. You can order a tie, which are $40 USD apiece, by calling Justin Reash at 888-972-1874 (a US toll free number) or sending a check to:

Daniel N. Myers
Management & Operations
The Churchill Centre
P.O. Box 945
Downers Grove, IL, USA

Succeeding the International Churchill Society of the United States the Centre was established in 1994. The Lady Soames LG DBE, Churchill’s youngest daughter, serves as the current Patron for this Downers Grove, Illinois (in the Chicago metroplex) headquartered non-profit organization.

The Centre’s mission is to preserve and promote Churchill’s legacy. To do this it helps host various conferences and symposia around the globe. It assists university student attendance at these events, and it has presented several multi-week Institutes and free seminars for high school teachers throughout the United States. As a contribution to academic scholarship, it publishes the Proceedings of International Churchill Conferences and Finest Hour journals comprised of personal experiences and original scholarship, and the Centre sponsors sessions at American Political Science Association annual meetings. Among other activities, it produces other publications. As an indication of its importance, its members — among other donors and organizations — have increased its original endowment from $100,000 to more than $1 million USD.

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