Bow Tie Job in Washington


A butler

Tracy Miller of the New York Daily News reports that there’s a job for people who can tie bow ties.

The ritzy Washington, DC Mandarin Oriental hotel offers help to sartorially-challenged men. It staffs its concierge desk with “bow tie butlers.”

This service is not only offered year round, but Miller reports that it is also free of charge for hotel guests.

Demand for this assistance peaks around Presidential inaugurations when there are many galas, balls, and other shindigs that require guests to adorn formalwear and adhere to black and/or white tie attire standards. Thus, any partygoer who lacks confidence in his bow tie tying prowess doesn’t need to resort to pretied options. The butler can take care of it.

Guests can provide their own tie, or they can purchase one from the hotel.

I bet that another time when this butler service is in high demand is the weekend of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner (aka “Nerd Prom”). Many parties also occur around this shindig that require dapper attire.

I guess that if one is wealthy enough to stay at a swanky joint like the posh Mandarin Oriental and possess enough clout to get invited to an inaugural soiree, they probably can afford to pay someone else to worry about neckwear adjustments.