Democratic congressman Jared Polis of Colorado

Call the Fashion Police on US Congressman Jared Polis of Colorado

Democratic congressman Jared Polis of Colorado

NO! Democratic US Representative Jared Polis of Colorado makes a bad bow tie choice. (Courtesy CSPAN)

Call the Fashion Police

I shuddered this week.

Mitchell Byars of the Denver Post, among numerous other journalists and outlets, reports that US Representative Jared Polis wore a bow tie with a polo shirt during a speech on the House floor this week. That is just wrong — flat wrong.

This is a time when I decided to not add a person to the Famous People category on this site as well to the Notable Wearers and Caucus Members boards in my Pinterest account.

While I think that the media shaming he’s experiencing is a bit excessive, at least the people are defending those of us with a certain preference in neckwear. Since neckties of the bow variety aren’t commonly worn in contemporary times, those of us who choose to don them typically are given some fashion cred, and it is nice to know that members of the general population understand that not all of us have bad taste.

Growing the Fellowship

One of the missions of this site is to promote the virtues of wearing bow ties by not only helping people learn more and develop a greater appreciation of them, it also tries to grow the fellowship by helping more men dare to try them out. So, it is kind of hard to scold a dude who is wearing them.

Besides, if bow ties are so misunderstood, why not celebrate whenever someone else wears one? Last week I sent in a sarcastic etiquette question about urging men to switch from pretied ties to tying their own to the public radio culture show Dinner Party Download, which resulted in a hilarious skewering from comedian Annabelle Gurwitch. Co-host Rico Gagliano directly addressed me by stating, “So, Bow Tie Aficionado, just enjoy the fact that someone’s wearing a bow tie and go from there.” Got it, Rico. However, you have to admit that Representative Polis needs help in this regard.

Help for the Congressman

Fortunately, the Representative is getting a fashion intervention. Byars reports that Polis tweeted his gratitude from GQ for a proposed makeover. Thanks, GQ!

Democratic Congressman Jared Polis of Colorado

The Congressman is a decent enough looking bloke (source: the Congressman’s office via Wikimedia Commons).

I want the Congressman to succeed in this sartorial venture; I really do. I’m looking forward to see what the fashion gurus and wizards at the magazine do with him. Polis can likely serve as a suitable ambassador for the neckwear if he gets some guidance and adheres to it.

If he does that, I’ll gladly add him to the Famous Dudes category of this site as well as my neutral-positive Pinterest boards.

Some Basic Tips

Here are three quick tips when it comes to bow ties:

  1. Don’t wear them with polo shirts. (This even applies to Blaine from Glee.)
  2. Avoid pretied options and tie your own.
  3. Consider black/white tie dress standards by only wearing solid black and white ties when well-establish norms dictate that one can.

There are certainly more factors to consider, but these three will help you avoid a major faux pas.

Enlisting Pinterest for Help

Polis inspired me to create a new Pinterest board on which I’ll pin examples of times when bow ties are show in bad light. You’ll see some men here as well as stereotypes as well.

Follow Bow Tie Aficionado’s board Bad Representations of Bow Ties on Pinterest.