Mad Men's Bert Cooper

Bow Ties on Mad Men

Why do Mad Men's Bert Cooper and Harry Crane wear bow ties?
Winston Churchill as John Bull

Bow Tie Bros: The Lion and The Bull

Winston Churchill and John Bull resembled each other, and they shared a penchant for bow ties.
Bow Tie Quote: "An Act of Defiance"

Bow Tie Quote: “An Act of Defiance”

Winston Churchill, Matt Smith, and Mad Men's Bert Cooper aren't afraid to buck neckwear conventions -- neither should you.
Gentleman Wearing a Bow Tie

News Media: Bow Ties are Back

Knowing something before most other people is always fun.

Bow Ties and Intellectual Property Law

I really like Johanna Blakley's April 2010 TEDxUSC talk "Lessons from fashion's free culture," and it took discussing Chippendale dancers and Playboy Bunnies to associate the talk with bow ties.
Elimar Astaxanthin Art Deco

Preserving the Craftmanship of Bow Tie Tailoring

Petter Jahre of Elimar explains while tailoring is best when done by hand and steeped in tradition.
green bow tie

Tweeting About Bow Ties

Tweet, tweet...
Bow Tie Pinterest Boards

Bow Tie Pinterest Boards

Pinterest is a wonderful source of bow tie inspiration.
School is Cool: Learn How to Make Bow Ties

School is Cool: Learn How to Make Bow Ties

A PhD in Bow Tie Studies? Yes, please.
Gordon Gee

Happy Bow Tie Tuesday!

West Virginia State Senators join the Bow Tie Caucus and find bipartisanship along the way.

Bow Ties Aren’t Just for Hipsters

Many different kinds of men -- including hipsters -- should enjoy wearing bow ties.
Vanoli Bespoke Rounded Short Point Shirt

A Shirt Maker’s Take on Bow Ties and Shirts

Paul Vanoli, a high-end shirt maker at Vanoli Bespoke, shares his expert opinion about pairing bow ties with shirts.
Bow Tie on Dapper Day

A Bow Tie Day at Disneyland and Disney World

Dapper Days are a great excuse to wear a bow tie.
Bill Nye the Science Guy

Use a Bow Tie to Outshine President Obama

If you're ever able to take a selfie with the President of the United States, wear a bow tie.