Bow Tie on Dapper Day

A Bow Tie Day at Disneyland and Disney World

Dapper Day Fall 2014 SoireeIn the 1995 piece of American cinematic art The Brady Movie, clan patriarch Mike Brady instructed his family: “Put on your Sunday best, kids. We’re going to Sears!” The same goes for Disneyland in Anaheim, California and Paris, France as well as Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

A friend of mine — the Dad of the Ask Your Dad Blog — pointed out an article to me about people dressing up when going to a Disney resort. The occasions are Dapper Days. These events, according to the official website, are “your chance to enjoy your favorite rides and attractions while looking your best. All sophisticated fashions, from vintage-inspired to contemporary chic, are encouraged. Active or retired military please consider wearing your dress uniform if you like.”

Of course, wearing a bow tie is welcome on these days, and many people sport them.

The first Dapper Day occurred in February 2011, and Justin Jorgensen organized it. Why? He says in the news article linked to above, “There needs to be a day for people who enjoy fashion and dressing to be able to visit Disneyland and not feel out of place. So I put Dapper Day in high gear and with only a couple weeks notice I organized the first event in February 2011.”

It serves as a wonderful way for strangers to meet people with a similar sense of fashion and adventure while enjoying a wonderful day in a fun place.

Although the Disney parks transport people to exciting places, the desire to host and participate in themed events like these is exhibited through other aspects of contemporary culture.

The emergence of Steampunk relates to this desire; Robert Brown, the lead singer of the Steampunk band Abney Park, told Kurt Anderson of the public radio culture program Studio 360 that it pulls from nostalgia for the Victorian Era. “That was one of the last eras when adventure and exploration really existed,” Brown says. “Science was sort of open for the grabbing, anybody could take it. The world was still explorable, there were places to go, things to see.” He continues by stating that Steampunk “is a rebellion against how bland the world has become, how the adventure’s been sucked out, and the aesthetics have been sucked out — everything that was gorgeous and everything that was exciting, you can’t get anymore.”

Likewise, Dapper Day is not only a great excuse to wear a bow tie, it is also a wonderful way to escape the blandness of contemporary times all while enjoying camaraderie with others who have a similar desire to enjoy the fun that fashion adds to life.

So, if you decide to attend a Dapper Day, you can use this Pinterest board for inspiration. It is full of pins of pictures of clothes that can go well at these events.

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