Bow Ties Aren’t Just for Hipsters

HipsterThese days, hipsters have claimed many clothing items as part of their uniform — plastic frame glasses, sweaters, facial hair, etc. Bow ties also fall into this category. For those who don’t consider themselves hipsters (nor aspire to achieve such status), that may discourage them from trying bow ties.

Let’s get something clear, the Aficionado has nothing against hipsters — nor does he have anything against Southern lawyers, academics, and other types of people who are associated with this specific type of neckwear. Besides, more the merrier.

Each of these types of person uses the ties as way to express individuality in different ways. Hipsters, in many cases, do so in order to go against the fashion tastes of the majority of men. Southern lawyers may do so to make them seem more endearingly quirky. Perhaps academics wear them to demand more respect from their students (and to promote an eclectic persona).

The important thing to note is that different types of people wear bow ties for different reasons. These are generalities, and individuals likely have their own reasons for the sartorial choices. That’s wonderful.

No single group can exclusively claim an article of clothing for itself. Therefore, one shouldn’t fret if hipsters or doctors wear something if they don’t associate with those groups. A fashion choice can include a variety of groups that make similiar choices for different reasons. In fact, it certainly serve as an individual decision, too.

So, don’t let others discourage you from wearing bow ties, but you can draw upon them for inspiration.

Since this post focuses on hipsters, I can’t resist including my Pinterest board with pins featuring beards — growing them is another choice many hipsters make.

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