School is Cool: Learn How to Make Bow Ties

School is Cool: Learn How to Make Bow Ties

imageYou can learn about Beyonce at Rutgers University in New Jersey. If you venture elsewhere, there are classes on Lady Gaga, Political Ceramics, Pro Wrestling, “Jersey Shore Studies” (sigh), and winning beauty pageants as well as other “academic pursuits.”

However, at the University of Missouri (aka “Mizzou”), students can learn something important — how to make bow ties.

While writing about the appointment of noted bow tie devotee R. Bowen Loftin* as the new Mizzou Chancellor, I learned that the school sells neckwear designed by students. To welcome Loftin, the university featured the official Mizzou bow tie. It’s hand tied (yay!) and has a plaid pattern that pulls its colors from the school’s mascot, Truman the Tiger.

The Department of Textile and Apparel Management designed it. Now that’s useful! The department even offers a PhD degree, in addition to bachelor and master degrees, in Human Environmental Sciences with an emphasis in Textile and Apparel Management. Imagine that on a resume or CV — “PhD in Bow Ties.”

Mizzou is pretty dope, but there are other options at which one can likely study mens neckwear. Fashionista ranks the top 20 fashion schools. Forget US News & World Report.

* Loftin even actively tweets at @bowtieger.