Bow Tie Pinterest Boards

Bow Tie Pinterest Boards

I’m not the only one to use Pinterest to express my love for neckwear. Here are some interesting boards.

Brooklyn Grooming has a board of porn — not the humanity nudity kind that you can find on websites such as, though there are many places where you can find that stuff if that’s what you’re looking for. Oh, la la…

Follow Brooklyn Grooming® CO.’s board Bow Tie Porn.

This next board has a variety of wonderful pins involving notable gents, vintage ads, and fashion.

Follow The Tie Chest’s board Bow Tie Bliss.

If you’re looking for some hipster looks, check out this board.

Follow Bijoux Bleu’s board Beau Bow Tie.

This next board has several outfit ideas. However, it is not so big that it is overwhelming.

Follow Sarah Broussard Machado’s board Bow Tie Style.

Here’s some help for wedding planning.

Follow Wedding planning’s board Groom Bow Tie.

This board has fashion ads.

Follow Bandari Bow Tie Culture’s board Bow Ties in Fashion Ads.

For some vintage items, check out this board that features many wonderful finds.

Follow Bandari Bow Tie Culture’s board Vintage Silk Bow Ties.

This board provides some tips about how to accessorize and put together a bow tie-based outfit.

Follow Bandari Bow Tie Culture’s board This is How You Do It.

Bow ties aren’t the only part of the menswear; so, it is important to note other trends to help develop a well rounded sense of style.

With 658 pins as of this blog post’s publication, this board is extensive and full of inspiration.

Follow Mitchell Kraft’s board Mens Fashion.

Beyond menswear, fashion for both men and women can also help inspire sartorial choices. It is even more fun when it is from the past. Enjoy this wonderful board of pins that remind us of times that were very fashionable.

Follow Mary Lynn Desmarais’ board 1920 – 1960’s fashion era.

Pinterest is such a great resource for inspiration for fashion — and for blogging. I’ve found it helpful for my blogging efforts. Check out my boards, too. They’re there to help you confidently wear bow ties.