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Tweeting About Bow Ties

This multichannel venture started back in late November 2013. The channels include: this blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Interacting with other individuals and groups about bow ties is fun, and here’s a recap of some of the recent interactions with other tweeters.

In chronological order…

Dress Code: Business Fabulous

First off, Suzanne Lucas, the Evil HR Lady, is a noted HR specialist who writes for various organizations including CBS News and Inc. Magazine. When asked about work attire, she replied.

Her thoughts were incorporated into a post about neckwear at work.

Winston Churchill

The high-end London based menswear shop Turnbull & Asser has a major claim to fame in the bow tie world; Winston Churchill got his iconic one there.

When the tie didn’t appear on T & A’s site, I got concerned. Fortunately, after some tweeting, I learned that all is good.

Politico Caucus

The Wilson Center is a global policy research organization in Washington, DC. After I started pinning pictures of renowned bow tie clad politicos of a Pinterest board, I asked them for assistance.

Ha! Whoever mans the social media accounts there knows the importance of sartorial decisions, but at this point, they cannot help out with the pinning.


Next, I decided to ask the peeps at high-end shirt making shop Vanoli Bespoke shop in London about shirts. They responded.

This resulted in a more in-depth guest post about shirts.

A Bow Tie Walks into a Bar…

Tweeting didn’t just result in wonderful feedback; it also resulted in some skewering, which I enjoyed. The public radio culture show The Dinner Party Download solicits etiquette questions to ask celebrities, who aren’t qualified to provide answers. So, when comedian Annabelle Gurwitch had to confront the issue of pre-tied bow ties (tie your own!), she let loose in a hilarious tirade. As they (whomever “they” are) say, “Be careful what you wish for — you just might get it.” For me, I got to laugh at myself as I heard a comedian fixate on me over national radio.

As an unexpected benefit to all of this, it provided a creative way to cover factoids in an open letter to Gurwitch.


I got chuffed when the International Boxing Association (AIBA) retweeted my tweet about how, in many cases, boxing referees are required to wear bow ties.

Even someone else chimed in…


Blogging isn’t easy, but it is fun when you get a little encouragement.

Yay! However, Timothy has helped me, too.

Good thing, I know how to protect my neckwear from my beard.

Revisiting the Caucus

After Lucy Westcott covered some ties (a few were hideous while others were fine) at the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), I shared some news with her about how West Virginia’s Senate has joined the Bow Tie Caucus.

Hopefully West Virginia State Sentator Donna Boley, who is a Republican, will meet Westcott at CPAC 2015.

Sunday Best

Ella Bing, a menswear shop in Florida, appreciates blokes who dress nicely for church.

PhD in Bow Ties

The new University of Missouri (aka “Mizzou”) Chancellor, R. Loftin Bowen, is a noted bow tie devotee.

Thanks to Twitter and me, we can expect a PhD program in Bow Ties offered by Mizzou’s Department of Textile and Apparel Management soon. You’re welcome.

Faux Pas

The blokes over at the menswear blog Gentleman’s Gazette responded to my request for the common faux pas that they see.

Good thing we agree.

Tweeting is Fun

I’m glad that some people respond to my tweets, and I hope that it continues.