Bow Ties and Gridiron Football

Bow ties and sports… Referees wear them for boxing matches while it is not that uncommon to see them worn by spectators in the stands at a horse race. For Football players, they wear them off the field.

This week was a big week for the neckwear and Football (that’s American for “Gridiron”). While Dhani Jones has promoted this sartorial choice in recent years, there are two notable players who are using them to look rather dapper off of the field.

First, Eliot Shorr-Parks of reports that Malcolm Jenkins — a safety who was recently traded to the Philadelphia Eagles from the New Orleans Saints — brought his bow tie business, RockAvenuesBowTies, to the City of Brotherly Love with him.

In order to woo his new fans to adopt his signature neckwear, he’s employing two strategies. The first is geared towards the fans themselves; he’s offering them a 20% discount at his on-line store. The other targeted party is the area’s retailers. He’s hoping that the stores will carry his wares.

Apparently, he’s pitching his business to help pay off a bet he lost to his wife… Or is he joking?

Second, according to his team’s website, the Washington Redskins’ Robert Griffin III (aka “RGIII”) donned a bow tie this week. Honoring a request of the aforementioned Jones, RGIII wore one as an honoree at the 35th Annual Ed Block Courage Awards in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Ed Block Courage Award Foundation explains that it is “dedicated to improving the lives of abused, neglected and at-risk children and ending the cycle of abuse. The purpose is to raise Awareness and Prevention of child abuse. That objective is coupled with the Foundation’s commitment to celebrating players of inspiration in the NFL.”

Jones, through his Bow Tie Cause makes ties themed for specific charities and donates proceeds from their sales to the associated causes. That’s one reason why he was at this week’s event.

“There’s a lot of guys that you wouldn’t normally think would wear a bow tie,” Jones said. “But because it’s associated with a cause, they’ll wear it proudly.”

This is one reason why bow ties are cool — so many different types of blokes can wear them well. Whether you’re a Gridiron player, Southern gentleman, prep school student or alum, boxing referee, doctor, lawyer, hipster, or are one of many other types of gents, neckwear is something one can enjoy.