Gentleman Wearing a Bow Tie

News Media: Bow Ties are Back

Gentleman Wearing a Bow Tie

Knowing something before most other people is always fun.

There’s a decent chance if you landed on this page, you already know something else before most people. For instance, just a couple of days ago, The Times of India published an article by Kasmin Fernandes titled “The bow tie is back.”

Just as with similar articles, Fernandes lists famous gents who wear them. Among those listed are: Dhani Jones, Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, and Groucho Marx. Further, there are celebrities who have worn them recently — like Justin Timberlake, Farhan Akhtar, Ranveer Singh, Johnny Depp, and Pharrell Williams. Further, there are celebrities of the past (Humphrey Bogart, Fred Astaire, Frank Sinatra, and Charlie Chaplin) as well.

Of note, there’s this year’s Oscar winners Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey who have received accolades for their roles in the acclaimed film Dallas Buyers Club. Leto got extra attention for his outfit with “a more audacious take with a red satin piece to go with his pristine white shirt and jacket.”

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An interesting part of the article is the advice to ditch a suit jacket when sporting a bow tie. I’m not sure that it is important that “you aren’t wearing any socks so that your mankles are in sight.” However, that is certainly one of many types of suitable outfits — from causal to formal.

I also agree somewhat with the guidance to stick with monochrome colored ties. Personally, I think that it depends on what you pair it with. Fernandes suggests, when wearing a shirt with a pattern, to “[k]eep the colour story simple, so if the checked shirt is red and white, wear a red or black bow tie. If you’re wearing a multi-coloured plaid shirt, don’t wear a printed bow tie.” So, in other words, if a shirt has a bold pattern and/or color palette, keep the neckwear simple. If the bow tie has bold style, pair it with a calmer shirt and suit.

For extra guidance and inspiration, check out the Pinterest board below, which reveals that there’s a wide variety of things one can confidently wear with a bow tie.

All in all, it is good to see the mainstream media pay attention to the arguably best aspect of menswear.

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