Bow Tie Quote: "An Act of Defiance"

Bow Tie Quote: “An Act of Defiance”

Renowned American broadcast news producer Rick Kaplan once said:

Wearing a bow tie is a statement. Almost an act of defiance.

He shares a similar point of view as Warren St. John, formerly of the New York Times, who said these blokes of this sartorial persuasion are “rugged individualists.”

Here are few of these dudes who personify this defiance:

Sir Winston ChurchillWinston Churchill is known for many of his great accomplishments, which easily eclipse the losses of his rather lively life. According to one of his biographers, Barry Singer, his blue neckwear with white dots was worn in homage to his father, Lord Randolph Churchill. However, here’s the twist. Despite his loving devotion to his father, Randolph didn’t reciprocate for his son. Undeterred, Winston still wore his ties as a tribute.

Matt Smith as Doctor Who

Source: Wikimedia Commons by RebeccaXRigoni

Matt Smith played the 11th Doctor of the Doctor Who franchise. His quote — “Bow ties are cool” — is perhaps one of the most popular ones about menswear in contemporary times. It’s succinct and simple. People listened. Thus, retailers reported how sales surged during Smith’s tenure on the show. Despite his prescience, there were doubters. Steven Moffat, the showrunner, wasn’t so sure when he allowed his star to select the key outfit elements that would help define his version of the Time Lord. Good thing Moffat listened; to his credit, he recognized the sartorial genius the first time he got a glimpse of it.

Mad Men's Bert CooperBert Cooper (played by Robert Morse) represents eccentricity on Mad Men, the hip show about the American advertising industry in the 1960s. His idiosyncrasies include: observing Japanese culture by requiring everyone to take off their shoes when they enter his office, prominently displaying abstract modern art, getting massages at work (which I think is brilliant), and hates smoking (which is also brilliant) despite its popularity during his life as well as having tobacco companies as clients of his ad firm. However, one of his signature traits is donning bow ties; it doesn’t matter that the show’s custom head hancho, Janie Bryant, dresses virtually the rest of the adult male characters with traditional, skinny ties.

Whether it is an act of defiance or individualism, wearing a bow tie is a statement, and one can draw upon these three men for inspiration for the confidence to pull the look off. Putting one on is really half the battle.

For extra help, check out the Tips category on this site as well. Since the workplace is a very common place a dude for a dude to express and experiment with his sartorial persona, the “Bow Ties at Work?” has several factors to consider.

Finally… Regardless if you want to defy, stand out, or try something new when it comes to neckwear, remember to have fun.