Land Before Time Dinosaur Bow Tie Comic

The Land Before Time Bow Tie Comic

Tying bow ties is so easy even a caveman dinosaur can do it.
Orange and Maroon Bow Tie

Bow Tie Rarity May Lead To Sexiness

You may not see a lot of bow ties, but that's likely a good thing.
R. Bowen Loftin

Bow Tie Wearing Academics

Working as an academic is a profession in which one can find a brotherhood when it comes to neckwear.
Dog Wearing Bow Tie

Dogs Wearing Bow Ties

Are bow ties part of dogs' campaign to endear themselves to us humans?
H&R Block Green Bow Tie

The Tax Man Cometh: Bow Ties to the Rescue

The Tax Man cometh... Get a bow tie guy on your side.
Bow Tie Quote: "Whenever I wear one, women smile."

Bow Tie Quote: “Whenever I wear one, women smile.”

A few women explain why they find men who wear bow ties sexy.
Rabbit with Bow Tie

Easter Bow Ties

Easter is a great time of year to wear a bow tie.