Bow Tie Quote: "Whenever I wear one, women smile."

Bow Tie Quote: “Whenever I wear one, women smile.”

Whenever I wear one, women smile.

-Social Primer founder Cooper Ray as quoted by The Wall Street Journal

So, from what we learn from this quote, the ladies like bow ties. However, why do they? As a dude, I know too well that is not my domain to speculate about what makes women tick. Thus, I decided to let them speak for themselves.

Stephanie Price of Examiner in Chicago covered the growing trend to ditch Casual Friday for a more formal Friday. From what she explains, this trend bodes well for the gents.

Bow Tie Friday is like a stepping stone in bringing formality back to America, and to Chicago. Guys, wearing a bow tie will draw people to you: This look demands respect and says that you have all the confidence in the world. Wearing a bow tie during the day says that you care about how you look and aren’t afraid to be bold.

For another female perspective, we turn Beth of Dappered’s Ask A Woman column. Richard, a reader, wrote in with a question about neckwear that are alternatives to the traditional ties. In addition to inquiring about ascots, another type of neckwear came up, and she explains:

Wearing a bow tie (or an ascot, for that matter) requires two essential components, as is the case with most fashion risks: 1) opportunity and 2) cojones. For the former, I think you’re making the right choice–wearing the occasional bow tie for a day to catch a break from the traditional necktie. You do run the risk of looking perhaps a bit nerdy, a bit foppish. But it’s an intentional look so it works.

During the winter, BET’s Fashion and Beauty staff put together a photo gallery of fine guys, and kicked it off by stating: “The temperatures outside may be frigid, but we have a feeling these photos of sexy stars in bow ties will warm you right up.” They include: Idris Elba, Michael B. Jordan, Nas, Pharrell, Victor Cruz, Nick Cannon, Drake, Bow Wow, Omari Hardwick, and Swizz Beatz. Now, while some of these guys don’t don bow ties exclusively when it comes to neckwear, they have sported them well. A lot of that is tied to their ability to act with boldness.

So, from what I can gather, ladies dig confidence in men. Since many men don’t opt to wear bow ties, it requires one to have cojones — as Dappered’s Beth — states. Thus, making this sartorial choice helps a dude go a long way to prove that they are sure about themselves and are willing to stand out in a great way.

One of the main aims of this site is to help men develop and maintain that confidence. So, gents, go forth and strut your stuff.