H&R Block Green Bow Tie

The Tax Man Cometh: Bow Ties to the Rescue

H&R Block Bow Tie Guy

Taxes… They’re not fun at all. For better or for worse, the Tax Man cometh next week — on April 15th — in the United States. This is a day that sparks trepidation.

However, it’s not all bad. One thing many people look forward to is their tax refund, and that’s where tax preparation companies come into play. One of those is H&R Block.

This year, its campaign is “Get Your Billion Back.” The star of the campaign is a middle-aged bespectacled accountant who explains that Americans leave in the neighborhood of a billion dollars in unclaimed tax returns with the government. The point is that H&R Block’s accountants can help people maximize their tax refunds.

The most crucial point though is that this dude wears a bow tie; this year it is green — to symbolize money, I guess.

Ad man Jim Mitchem explains that this campaign is kind of misleading. He calculates that the grand total, when this billion is divided by all those included in H&R Block’s target population, is about $78.

That’s a great point. However, this is not the neckwear’s fault. Regardless of the Math and manipulation of facts, it is nice to know that large companies and advertising firms recognize the credibility and soothing power of bow ties.