Dog Wearing Bow Tie

Dogs Wearing Bow Ties

Black Labrador wearing a Bow Tie

Believe or not, I don’t make my living off of this website. Shocker… I know. Either way, when this site came up between my boss and a colleague yesterday, my boss had a request. She wants to see dogs wearing bow ties.

She’s a dog person. So, this request was no surprise. However, I have no idea if she’s had her dogs sport this neckwear or not. I haven’t seen photographic evidence. Perhaps I should ask.

Regardless, I enjoy dogs, too. As do most people (some much more than others). There are some dog articles that some of you canine lovers may want to check out if you’ve not got your daily fix of pups. And while I haven’t owned one myself, my sister’s dog has had a profound influence upon my life; for awhile he was my shadow. I wouldn’t have it any other way. After 14 years — a good, long life for a canine — he recently passed away. I really miss him.

Having said that I also have a feline nephew, guinea pig nieces, a frog, and numerous fishes in my extended family. Pets are awesome… once you get passed the smell. Although, Dog Shampoo from Underwater Dogs has helped me overcome my phobia of their smell.

Going back to my boss and her uber serious request for a blog post about dogs, the request was for a Pinterest board. I knew that’s an easily achievable feat. So, yesterday evening (after work hours and using my own devices, of course) I set out to create a board. Within about five minutes I was able to pin around 50 different pictures. FIFTY! No biggie. See below.

The question I have is: Why do so many people dress up their dogs? I must admit that this particular neckwear is a wonderful canine sartorial choice and statement. However, perhaps this trend is encouraged by the dogs. Scientists have concluded that the species has made a rather smart choice by allowing us to anthropomorphize them. It’s a win-win. We enjoy their strength and heightened senses for protection (not to mention the variety of ways that we’ve bred them to serve us — whether it is shepherding, drug sniffing, or search and rescue) while they get our love that we show them through affection, food, shelter, and protection. Cats have taken a similar survival tactic.

Perhaps dogs know the popularity of bow ties and have wisely decided to inspire us to dress them using this great article of clothing. It’s not like they need to appear even more adorable, but it doesn’t hurt to enhance their appeal to us.

If you’ve got other theories, share them in the comments.

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