Sir Winston Churchill

Turnbull & Asser Churchill Spot Silk Bow Tie

Turnbull & Asser Churchill Bow Tie

It came. My Turnbull & Asser Churchill Spot Silk Bow Tie arrived.

However, I haven’t worn it yet, and I’m not sure I will. While some dudes have classic and/or exotic cars that they collect and display in their garages never to drive fearing that their precious possession will get damaged in any way, I have this spotted neckwear. Granted, the newest addition to my collection isn’t tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, but there are plenty of ties that cost less than its current price of $98 USD. This is truly a high-end item with a storied tradition.

The Real Deal

Now, it makes perfect sense for any tailor to sell clothing styled like duds sported by famous and influential individuals; these items masquerade as if they’re what such people wear. Additionally, it is not uncommon for fashion brands to put their own spins on notable sartorial statements. However, that’s not the case with Turnbull & Asser since Sir Winston Churchill wore many of its clothes. As it states, “You knew him as the Prime Minister. We knew him as a size 46.”

So, this is the real deal.

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Over the past several months my appreciation for Mr. Churchill has grown. This blog is one of the main reasons as I feel that he would make a great patron saint of the bow tie wearer because this signature neckwear is an essential part of his iconic persona.

However, there are other reasons.

First, I finally finished William Manchester and Paul Reid’s three volume biography The Last Lion this evening. With more than 2,500 pages, it took me months to complete. Throughout this endeavor, I certainly learned about his many low points. We all have them, but as a truly powerful public figure, his were pronounced and well known. I shudder to wonder how wonderful I would come across if someone wrote a biography about me. Regardless, Winston certainly accomplished many great things in his remarkable life, and we should focus on his triumphs (and his wit).

Second, one of my friend’s dogs is named Winston, which seems fitting since the man himself was a noted animal lover.

Third, like Winston (and Princess Diana, her sons — William and Harry, and her grandson Prince George), I’m a Spencer. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a distant relative of his, but one nonetheless. That’s an honor that many people share, but I’ll claim it. One of the funniest parts about this is that although Winston was 50% American through his mother (and, yet, according to The Last Lion many people felt that he was also 100% British — at 150% that math seems right for someone as prominent as him), as an American Spencer of many generations, I’m related to him through his English heritage. Go figure.

Beyond our shared penchant for bow ties, these are some of the reasons why I find him intriguing.

To Wear or Not to Wear

The question that I have to grapple with is should I wear my new acquisition? Or shall I leave it as a memento to display? While this is certainly not a limited issue item as Turnbull & Asser will continue to sell it, I can certainly get a new one if my current one requires retirement. Further, while I typically don’t spend this type of money on neckwear, I can certainly splurge on something like this from time to time.

Please chime in and let me know if I should wear it or not.

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