Bow Tie Tuesday Fundraiser

Bow Tie Tuesday Fundraiser

According to WNFY News Carthage Savings and Loan in New York takes Bow Tie Tuesday seriously. Check out the video below.

However, this all started as a joke when Adam Fuller, who works in insurance, teased on the of the bank’s loan officers to wear the neckwear.

It will celebrate these special Tuesday throughout the rest of May and then through June and July. Proceeds in May will go toward the Carthage Free Library (the Aficionado is a library fan). WNFY reports that the organizations that will benefit from the fundraiser in June and July are still unannounced.

Either way, I love this quote: “People come in and see the bow tie and ask, ‘Why do you have a bow tie on?’ And it’s a good way to start the conversation and say, ‘Hey, we’re doing it a fundraising effort,” said Robert Sligar.

People don’t see men wearing bow ties enough for the novelty to fade. As much as I would like more dudes to start sporting my favorite neckwear, it is nice to feel a bit — for a lack of a better word — “exotic.” As this blog has discussed many times, there’s a distinctiveness of the sartorial choice and statement. It’s not for the faint of heart, and it makes a statement draws people’s attention.

Good thing people like the staff members of Carthage Savings and Loan are harnessing this fashion statement for good. If you’re in the area, stop and support the fundraiser.