Bow Tie - Happy Father's Day

5 Ways to Get Dad to Wear a Bow Tie on Father’s Day

Bow Tie - Happy Father's Day

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It is not uncommon to get dad a tie for Father’s Day.

Take it up a notch this year with a bow tie. However, that is likely easier said than done as not many gentlemen typically make this sartorial decision, but that’s ok. There are many ways to coax daddy into wearing one even if it isn’t part of his typical wardrobe.

The biggest part is to boost his confidence. Trying on a different type of neckwear can seem intimidating, but the key is to boost his confidence in making a bold decision.

Here are five ways to do this:

1. Find Him a Great Bow Tie
Bow Tie AficionadoWhen shopping, it is important to note that there’s a great variety of patterns and colors you can choose for your father. So, you can certainly consider his personality when finding the perfect tie.

Depending on the lucky dude, you likely will want to get one that has a rather calm pattern and color palette to ease him into the brotherhood — perhaps a red or blue tie with either stripes or dots. He will stand out (in a good way) just for sporting a different type of neckwear. Thus, there’s no need to go zany with the design from the get-go. That can come later.

Given that the weather is warm, a seersucker pattern could likely do the trick as the pattern would go well with most colors of dress shirts and suits.

2. Teach Him the Art of Tying

Source: Wikimedia Commons user Chris 73

Source: Wikimedia Commons user Chris 73

Most men like to do things for themselves. When it comes to tying bow ties, you should harness this trait in your dad by teaching him how to tie his own bow ties. Tying one’s own tie really makes a dude stand out so much more. In fact, many of the people who he encounters will likely wonder how he tied it, which will make him seem even more impressive.

Fortunately, there are plenty of resources out there from which he can learn. For instance, there are web videos, diagrams, and images. Take advantage of what the Internet has to offer.

The cool part is that learning the technique is not hard at all. Once your dad learns, he’ll look like a pro to the uninitiated.

3. Establish a Tradition
Sir Winston ChurchillNeckwear can certainly impress your father, but there’s more meaningful things one can give him as a gift.

Why not start a new tradition? They — whoever they are — say that imitation is one of the sincerest forms of flattery. That’s what Winston Churchill did for his father, Lord Randolph Churchill. According to some of his biographers, Churchill wore his signature blue and white dot bow ties since his father did. Like him, your gift could start a father-son fashion tradition that can symbolize your love for each other.

4. Show Him the Famous Men He’ll Join

Dhani Jones

Photo courtesy of Talk Radio News Service under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license

If dad is still hesitant, tell him about all the famous men who wear bow ties. Fame may or may not entice him. Regardless, there are plenty of ways to tailor this appeal.

  • Political dads will find Winston Churcill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Warren G. Harding, and other politicos in the Bow Tie Caucus.
  • Smartypants fathers can join many other academics like Gordon Gee, who has served as president of both Western Virginia University and Ohio State.
  • Scientific dudes can follow Bill Nye the Science Guy’s lead.
  • Sport enthusiasts can emulate football player Dhani Jones or get into the action by taking inspiration from boxing referees.
  • Foodies can channel their inner Alton Brown.
  • Legal eagles have retired US Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens.
  • Geeks have not one but two doctors from Doctor Who.
  • Time lords aren’t the only type of doctors who wear them; medical doctors are also known to wear them.
  • Funny guys can join Modern Family‘s Jesse Tyler Ferguson.
  • The hip and music loving guys can look to Questlove of The Legendary Roots Crew and The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and Belgium’s Stromae.
  • Dads who have climbed or are climbing the corporate ladder can find a colleague in Bloomberg’s Tom Keene.
  • If a dandy needs a nudge, just mention Manolo Blahnik.

The list goes on. Your dad has to have an interest that you can tap into by pointing out a famous man who he admires.

5. Recite a Powerful Quote
Wearing a bow tie is a way of expressing an aggressive lack of concern for what other people think.The most popular post on this site is Bow Tie Quotes, which surprises me. All well, it appears that guys want to hear how awesome wearing bow ties makes them.

  • Rebels will enjoy hearing that both the New York Times and influential broadcast news producer Rick Kaplan state that people who wear them are defiant individualists.
  • Everyone knows how Doctor Who‘s Matt Smith feels about them.
  • Fashion designer Cooper Ray says that they make women smile. Needless to say, regardless of who your dad’s partner is — even if you have two dads — his partner will likely enjoy his bow ties.
  • Dhani Jones says that they open opportunities.
  • Renowned university president Gordon Gee says that wearing them is good for survival as he has found that it is harder for faculty members to hang him with one when compared to a long tie.

He’ll Love It
Bow ties have a bad rap; they’re not as intimating as they seem. In fact, those brave enough to sport them will enjoy the admiration of many people who aren’t as confident as they are.

So, let your dad know that he’s up to the challenge. He’ll appreciate the gesture and the care that you’ve taken to help coax him into the Bow Tie Brotherhood.