Alton Brown

Alton Brown on Bow Ties

Alton Brown is a celebrity chef who also knows a thing or two about neckwear.

I like his intro.

Bow ties are cool. Everybody knows this yet so many of you bow-curious out there resist the urge to simply tie one on. Well let me point out that they are also immanently practical. When wearing a bow tie one does not worry about spilling burger juice sauce on one’s tie or tangling it up in harness, cables, or controls in the cockpit, or somebody grabbing it and choking you to death in a fight.

In this excellent video he covers a lot of important bow tie topics:

  • Safety from a myriad of threats straight tie wears face (food stains, getting it stuck in wires or cables, and getting strangled)
  • Types — including the Jackson, Bow, Butterfly, and Batwing/Diamond Tip
    • He suggests that the Bow is a safe one to start with but recommends the Batwing since it is extra cool as it is not commonly seen
  • How having a tie that’s a little off kilter helps make you appear confident
  • He — like me — likes adjustable ties
  • How to tie them

As Alan Henry over at Life Hacker notes, Brown explains that “[i]f you’re not sure what size bow tie to get, the simple equation to remember is to take your neck size (same as you’d use for collared shirts), double it, and add two inches.”

I applaud Mr. Brown for his efforts to convert the bow-curious, which a mission that this site supports. Like many prominent bow tie devotees, he has some je ne sais quoi that helps make him a compelling media personality, and his neckwear and overall sartorial statement definitely help him stand out in positive ways.

The most important takeaway from this video is that you can also sport this look. So, take a cue from him and join the brotherhood.