Bow Tie Selfies

Bow Tie Selfies

Selfie… The 2013 Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year.  Further, Dorothy on E!’s reality TV show #RichKids of Beverly Hills makes selfie lighting a prime factor when considering which condo to buy.


As I’ve tried to build up my bow tie picture library for this blog, the narcissism of taking selfies has reared its ugly head over and over again.  Instead of settling for snapping one quick shot with my phone camera, some of these pictures end up requiring several takes and several minutes.  It’s not like I have all the time in the world.

Why do I spend so much time on these pictures?  Here are some of my thoughts:

  1. Obsession with Perfection – One of the aims of this blog is to prod gents to just put a bow tie on, and that requires one to just have confidence that they’ll look fine.  Having a preoccupation with how one’s neckwear is aligned decimates that confidence as it forces the wearer to fixate on themselves.  That’s why it is perfectly acceptable to have a floppiness and/or crookedness (tie your own ties!).  Shoving a camera in front of one’s self to get a close up look is not good for avoiding fixation on minute details.  Although perfection is basically frowned up (since that’s only achievable by pre-tied options), it’s hard to not aim for that when one has a camera with a close up shot on its screen.
  2. The Rest of the Wardrobe – I highly doubt that I’m the only one whose shirts or suit coats don’t always sit flat on the shoulders and chest.  Even clothing carefully tailored for the wearer’s body will not always have the perfect look as the body bends and moves around.  There are times when my tie looks great, but I fret about the other elements.  After fixing those, the star of the picture is no longer acceptable.  And so on…
  3. Lighting – Maybe #RichKid Dorothy should scout locations for my selfie shoots.
  4. Improper Training – I haven’t read Wiki How’s article “How to Take Good Selfies” yet.

So, the moral of the story is that either I need to practice taking selfies more or shun narcissistic tendencies in myself.  Somehow the latter seems more appealing.

Finally, since I spent so much time on these pictures, I might as well as show them.

Turnbull & Asser Churchill Bow Tie with SeersuckerOrange and Maroon Stripe Bow TieGray Bow Tie with Blue and White Stripes