Teddy Goalsevelt

Bow Ties to Cheer Teddy Goalsevelt Up

Teddy Goalsevelt

Mike D’Amico’s alter ego Teddy Goalsevelt

As an American in ‘murica, I feel Teddy Goalsevelt’s pain. Belgium beat the United States National Mens Team 2 – 1 in the 2014 FIFA World Cup today. Although Tim Howard is a new national hero, our hearts still ache that we’re out of the Football Soccer tournament. However, the nation will bounce back to celebrate on Independence Day on the Fourth of July.

Goalsevelt pays homage to the 26th US President Theodore Roosevelt who served September 14, 1901 – March 4, 1909. The World Cup costume, which features an American flag bandana for neckwear, is inspired by Roosevelt’s Rough Riders days when he served in the 1st United States Volunteer Calvary during the Spanish-American War in the 1890s. Neither Roosevelt nor Goalsevelt are known for wearing bow ties although Roosevelt’s distant cousin and fellow US Prexy Franklin D. Roosevelt wore them.

I think that it safe to assume that both of them are bummed by today’s loss — as am I. One thing that helps me feel better is dressing up and putting on a bow tie. There’s just something about dressing up; it helps you feel better since your wardrobe is more serious. That’s another way to tie neckwear to sports.

So, in order to help Goalsevelt feel better is find him some different patriotic — with the American flag, no less — neckwear with the hope that a different sartorial decision will help cheer him up.

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So, far I am impressed by Buffalo Jackson’s (with its Roosevelt devotion) Old Glory tie and the Bow Tie Club’s motif collection, which has a great Texas tie. Both companies are clearly proud of ‘murica as America is known by these days.

So, what to wear with such neckwear? Due to how these bow ties have rather bold patterns, it is wise to keep the rest of the outfit relatively calm. For instance, if Goalsevelt sticks with the khaki theme, the American flag pattern will appropriately serve as the statement piece. Other options include a solid blue suit or one with a subtle pattern and solid colored shirts (like white and light blue). Of course, there are other suitable possibilities.

So, while the US team prepares for the 2018 World Cup, the country can psyche itself up through — among other strategies — patriotic clothing.