Bow Tie with Patterned Suit Jacket

Five Bow Tie Accessories

Men who wear bow ties regularly aren’t shy about making a statement. While a bow tie can serve as the statement piece, it doesn’t always have to. Further, other outfit elements can either complement or amplify the neckwear.

Here are five accessories — from head down — that can help one perfect their sartorial statement.

1. Hats

Stetson Hats

Stetson Hats (Source: Vintage Dancer)

Hats for men aren’t that popular anymore, and they can help give any outfit a vintage flair.

Places that they’re more commonly seen are at horse races and garden parties where people are out in the sun. Wearing a baseball cap isn’t the most fashionable choice for such shindigs, but a more formal hat is not only more appropriate but is also more dapper.

2. Lapel Pins

King Kravate Lapel Pin and Pocket Square

King Kravate Lapel Pin and Pocket Square

Lapel pins are also not commonly seen, but they can add a nice touch to one’s outfit.

However, it is important to determine how you would like to use it. If it is the signature piece, then select a pin that is either has a distinct shape or a color that contrasts with the suit coat and/or shirt. If the pin is meant to amplify another element of the outfit, then match the color palette and/or pattern just as is seen in this picture.

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3. Pocket Squares

Lapel Pin and Pocket Square

Lapel Pin and Pocket Square (Source: You Can Call Me Hitch)

Pocket squares are a little bit more common these days, and there’s a large variety of colors and patterns that one can choose from.

The TV show Mad Men has helped boost their popularity as several of the main characters wear them; check out how Sydney-based graphic designer Christina Gee used them to portray John Draper, Roger Sterling, and Bert Cooper in promotional posters for the series.

As with pins, one can use the color and pattern to either make the pocket square make the statement for the outfit or amp up the statement made by another piece. In this picture, the black and white tie into those colors in the shirt leaving the baby blue suit coat to make the statement.

4. Vests

Bow Tie with Patterned Suit Jacket

Courtesy: This + That

Vests are great for adding depth to an outfit. They can add texture and help anchor a color or pattern to help tie the entire look together. Further, they can help break up a solid block of the same color or pattern; in most cases the shirt’s color is what could use some management in either way when it comes to calling attention to it.

In this picture, the black vest anchors the dark color in most of the outfit. It ties most of the pieces together, allowing the maroon tie to make the statement with an assist from the pocket square.

5. Cuff Links

Vintage Comic Cuff Links

Vintage Comic Cuff Links from Comic Salvage

Cuff links are very versatile. If you want elegant ones, there are plenty of those. If you want fun, quirky ones, there are some of those, too; just like the comic book-themed ones pictured here.

Due to their typical size and position at the end of the sleeves of French cuff shirts, they aren’t always front and center when it comes to the outfit. Thus, they typically subtle depth to one’s look. Neutral cuff links (perhaps just silver in color) or those that match the color palette of the rest of the outfit are always a safe bet. Another fun thing to do is to wear cuff links that are conversation starters; some ideas include wearing heirloom pieces passed down from family members or theme pieces related to a hobby — like comic books.

These are some ideas for items to enhance a bow tie. There are others, and here’s some more visual outfit inspiration for your outfit assembling.

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