Sean Connery as James Bond

James Bond’s Bow Ties

Call the Fashion Police

Adolfo Celi as Emilio Largo from Thunderball

Adolfo Celi as Emilio Largo from Thunderball

Several days ago, I stumbled upon a tribute to Emilio Largo, the villian from the 1965 James Bond flick Thunderball by The Suits of James Bond blog — and I thought that my blog was niche (hat tip: Le Noeud Papillon).

As Le Noeud Papillion notes, “With regards to the fashion I will say that it is the first time where James Bond gets trumped by his villain in terms of fashion,” and then channels Largo by stating, “Dear Mr Bond, you don’t look as good as me. I am Emilio Largo, I am handsome, I have an eye patch, I am Italian and I wear cream dinner jackets when I am in the tropics.” Clearly, Largo is a dandy.

Although I’m interested in ladies, I can tell from pictures of him like this, he could bed as many Bond girls as he would like. Maybe it is his Southern European complexion. Maybe its his confidence as a silver fox. Or his bad boy status. He could even lure women who don’t have an eye patch fetish to the sack. I bet his ability to pull off a bow tie — tied or not — is part of his allure.

James Bond’s Bow Ties

Perhaps it is a coincidence that I posted this picture of Largo on my social media accounts or maybe I lured Tanya Huang of Knot Theory to share a video for her James Bond Bow Tie Collection¬†on my Facebook page. Regardless, I was giddy when I got the notification of her sharing this video detailing Bond’s penchant for neckwear.

During this video Huang details the various types — from Bat Wing to Butterfly to Diamond Point — of ties Bond (as depicted by Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Bronson, and Daniel Craig) wears, and it is easy to see how his neckwear is an integral part of his ability to make men want to be like him and women to want him.

Agent 007 is best known for sporting black ones for formal settings requiring black tie attire, and the drawback to this dress code is that it has limited application for just elegant events. While Knot Theory does make classic options, Huang has designed several wonderful variations. For example, there are black ties with hints of gold or — at least what appears from the video and web site (hint, hint…) — a luxurious merlot purple colored Butterfly.

Q: The Fashion Designer

Q is famous for equipping 007 with fancy gadgets (and toys). What if he moonlit as a fashion designer?

Perhaps he would’ve conjured up the intriguing the Infinity Bow Tie system. While many makers provide reversible ties that have two patterns that the wear can switch between, Knot Theory puts a twist on this practice by providing interchangeable wings so that one could adjust the combination of wing colors within the same tie as well as with others. Pretty nifty.

Needless to say, for anyone who wants to channel James Bond, donning a bow tie is a good strategy.