Mad Men's Bert Cooper

Bow Tie Quote: A Charming Man

You know what they say…  Men are from Mars, and women are from Venus.

Many bow tie quotes are quipped by dudes.  Amongst the fellowship, we blokes make our sartorial statements to stand out in order to keep things interesting.  While enticing the ladies is sometimes one of the main reasons to sport one, it is not always why we strut our stuff.

Having said that, it is always nice to hear women sing their praises, which further proves that the ladies find them sexy. Tanya Huang, the founder and designer at Knot Theory, provides such evidence when she states in part 1 of her style guide: “I like to think of a bow tie as a very charming man. He is witty, whimsical, and a bit eccentric.”

Famous gentsfictional or not — embody this sentiment. Winston Churchill certainly was witty. Matt Smith’s Doctor Who was whimsical. Mad Men‘s Bert Cooper was eccentric — endearingly so.

However, it is also worth putting Huang’s sentiments in fuller context of what she said. Here’s the complete quote:

Go for character, not perfection.

I like to think of a bow tie as a very charming man. He is witty, whimsical, and a bit eccentric. He has a few bad habits such as smoking too many cigars, but his joie de vivre makes him memorable and captivating.

So when you tie a bow tie, you are creating character, not perfection! You are encouraged to introduce a little asymmetry, tousle the wings, and make the bow tie come alive.

Once again, Churchill embodies this larger quote with his bad cigar munching habit.

Her overall point is that it is ok for a little floppiness. I agree. In my manifesto of sorts about the importance of tying one’s own, I expand upon GQ‘s preference for some imperfection by stating “that this preference and expectation for imperfect alignment is that one of the major components of a superb sense of fashion is confidence. If one feels secure with their sartorial decisions, they will not fixate on their wardrobe.”

As a wise person, Huang simply doesn’t just extol men to tie their own ties and leave it at that; she actually offers a video lesson to help everyone out.

You’ll note that she also demonstrates how to take advantage of Knot Theory’s Infinity system which allows one to mix and match multiple colors in order to create several different looks. This further enables a bloke to enhance a wide variety of their characteristics.

So, if you need any further nudging to bump up your charm, Huang is a pretty good authority on the subject.