John A. Latsch

Bow Tie World Record Attempt Honors Minnesota Legend

John A. Latsch

John A. Latsch

Another bow tie world record attempt occurred on Saturday in Winona, Minnesota.

Kayla Langmaid of the Minnesota Farm Guide reports that the world record attempt failed to set a new record. “The world-record number to shoot for was 850, said Mary Farrell, the visitor services coordinator with Visit Winona. Each attendee received a ticket to turn in, and ticket collection put the official turnout number at 648.”

However, the event was successful. Just think about it; getting 648 people to congregate to sport the same type of neckwear is quiet the feat. In fact, since this is what the cool kids do now, a participant flew his drone in order to capture a bird’s eye view of the shindig.

According to the Langmaid the world record attempt honored John A. Latsch, a former businessman and Winona mayor. Latsch donated over 18,000 acres of land for public use in both Minnesota and Wisconsin. He also was known as a bow tie devotee.

Dorothea Bannann, a German participant, was inspired by Latsch and explained to Langmaid that, “I usually don’t like this sort of thing, but this story of the man giving the money away and the land caught my attention.”

As part of his legacy, the state of Minnesota established John A. Latsch State Park using the land that he donated for the public’s benefit.

He clearly has had a profound influence on the area, and his legacy is far more than just conservation.

Regarding the event, Farrell further told Langmaid that, “So many people took the time to come out. It is really building the community spirit.”

Sharing her sentiment Timothy Forester, a retired pastor, told Langmaid that the community is inclusive. It’s a place where people are positively involved in each other’s lives.

As with many other famous bow tie wearers, Latsch brings the good out of people. It is rather touching that Winona area residents and visitors chose to don his signature neckwear to honor his legacy.