Dhani Jones

The Bow Tie Quote that Hooked Dhani Jones

"If you wanna be somebody, you gotta rock a bow tie." -Kunta Littlejohn

Courtesy: Bow Tie Cause

Former NFL football player Dhani Jones is a great advocate for wearing bow ties. In fact, it is considered an important signature sartorial statement that he regularly makes with his fashion. However, this involves more than just his wardrobe. He owns the Cincinnati, OH restaurant Bow Tie Cafe.

Dhani Jones has explained to numerous reporters what inspired him to endorse and promote this particular type of neckwear. It goes back to his childhood friend Kunta Littlejohn, who battled lymphoma. He once told Jones:

If you wanna be somebody, you gotta rock a bow tie.

Fortunately, Littlejohn recovered, but clearly the neckwear stuck with Jones.  That’s why he runs the charity Bow Tie Cause. The charity partners with organizations by creating designs based upon their branding guidelines that then are sold in fundraisers with a percentage of the proceeds going towards the organization.  Jones and his business partners design the ties themselves incorporating the logo and/or color scheme of the organization that the ties represent.  Proceeds from the sales go to dozens of organizations (ranging from those associated with museums, research for cancer, Autism, and Alzheimer’s, public radio, military, and many other similar foundations), and the fundraisers have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars so far.

Further, through the Bow Tie Foundation, the charity supports organizations that help underprivileged youth enjoy educational and personal development opportunities through a variety of outreach and grant programs. It’s a worthy cause worth your financial support. Go ahead… Donate. I have.

Bonus Info

Needless to say, Jones is one top bloke as his philanthropic work indicates. So, in honor of this top bloke, check out this Pinterest board showing him rocking bow ties.

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Further, enjoy this video of Jones teaching how to tie a bow tie.