Three frat boys

Bow Ties and Frat Boy Fashion

Three frat boys

Frat Boy Fashion

Love them or hate them, frat boys are a major part of pop culture. They certainly provide a lot of fodder for movies, TV shows, and literature as both sources of comedy and drama. To put simply, fraternities on university and college campuses have mixed reputations.

On one side, the stereotypical frat is full of rowdy dudes. They party hard. They play hard. They are certainly loud in their opinions and behavior, which includes their fashion. As the three blokes in this picture show, when many people think of frat boys, they picture men who dress in bold patterns that may or may not work well together.

On the other side, these organizations help form strong bonds between their members. While this certainly leads to some epic partying that may distract individuals from their academic endeavors, fraternities also do a lot of good. Many of these groups conduct meaningful service. Further, many members use their fellowship to assist each other later in life whether it is hooking up a former brother with a job or providing help in one’s personal life. The bond formed during these years can certainly have positive effects.

Needless to say, people have different opinions about fraternities — regardless if they were a member of one, wanted to join one, or didn’t want anything to do with them.


As this Pinterest board curated by Southern Prep illustrates, bow ties enjoy a prominent place in the frat boy wardrobe.

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It is important to applaud bold sartorial statements, but wisdom enhances boldness. A Thrifty Trad notes that:

Like bro, I understand that you’re in a frat, I am too, but I really just cannot take you seriously in that navy vineyard vines hat (backwards!), yellow polo oxford shirt, pink tie, VV pastel d-ring belt, and baby blue chinos (believe it or not I’ve seen this outfit at school). Preppy looks good when done right, but you’re giving it a bad rap, and you look like a fucking clown.

There’s nothing wrong with the preppy ensemble, but one must exercise wisdom when dressing. Some — not all — frat boys don’t make wise fashion choices. They just like to dress loudly.

Bow ties, when worn correctly, can help enhance the admirable and wonderfully quirky aspects of a man as well as fraternity their representing, and many different types of men wear bow ties to achieve this effect. However, they can — as A Thrifty Trad notes — also make one look like a clown, and we don’t want that.

So, here’s a plea to frat boys. When you choose your neckwear — and other elements of your outfits — make sure that they project the positives aspects of the both the person and fraternities — not the noisy, rowdy ones. Feel free to use tips from this site or follow advice from other sites. We’re all here to help.