Happy National Bow Tie Day!

10 Ways to Celebrate National Bow Tie Day

Happy National Bow Tie Day!According to my website analytics, National Bow Tie Day (on August 28) is coming up soon in the United States. However, I got a nice reminder from Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont. No doubt the folks over there are excited – as am I.

With this special day coming up in two weeks, I figured it’s a good time to plan for the day. So, here are some ways that you can celebrate the day to help show society why this neckwear is so darn cool:

1. Teach someone how to tie a bow tie.

One of my strongest opinions about neckwear is that if one regularly wears bow ties, they need to tie it themselves. There’s no better way to help someone on this day than to teach them how to do that. Fortunately, there are a lot of great resources out there; just google it. However, I’ve curated some great resources on this blog, and Beau Ties Ltd. has some great tutorials as well. Check them out. Using these tutorials will help the people you teach realize that it is easier than it seems.

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2. Donate to the Bow Tie Cause Foundation.

Former NFL football (gridiron for non-Americans) player Dhani Jones is a devotee, and through his charity, Bow Tie Foundation, he and anyone who donates to it support organizations that help underprivileged youth enjoy educational and personal development opportunities through a variety of outreach and grant programs. It’s a worthy cause worth your financial support. Go ahead… Donate. I have.

3. Honor a great man.

According to Warren St. John who at the time wrote for the New York Times:

A list of bow tie devotees reads like a Who’s Who of rugged individualists.

Some prominent, influential, and powerful men are members of this select fellowship. Many notable dudes from two Doctor Whos, Questlove of The Roots, Franklin D. Roosevelt, boxing referees, chef Alton Brown, and smartypants like Bill Nye the Science Guy wear them. Follow their lead.

4. Start a fashion oriented family tradition.

Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill wore bow ties to honor his father, Randolph. Although they had a distant relationship, the son wore them in honor of his father. If someone close to you wears them, honor them by sporting one. If that’s not the case, start a tradition yourself with a son, brother, grandson, nephew, or friend.

5. Stand out at work.

August 28, 2014 is a Thursday, which is a work day for many people. Making a bold sartorial statement is a great way to spice up the work day and bring a smile to your colleagues’ faces. Besides, with some guidance there’s no reason why you shouldn’t wear one to the office.

6. Act defiantly.

Influential American journalist Rick Kaplan once quipped:

Wearing a bow tie is a statement. Almost an act of defiance.

With some wisdom, one’s fashion sense can inspire admiration in others. So, why not do it through your neckwear?

7. Learn a factoid for cocktail party fodder.

Nothing helps make cocktail parties more fun than great conversion. The foundation of great conversion is built with factoids that help illustrate how interesting the world is. So, at your next party tell your friends some interesting facts about bow ties since you’re likely wearing one. Sharing their origin, contribution to the overall economy, place in pop culture, and other fascinating tidbits will impress people.

Don’t forget pub trivia night, too!

8. Celebrate the other August 28 holidays.

Recently, Megan Garber over at The Atlantic explored micro-holidays. Clearly, August 28 is devoted to a particular article of menswear, but there are other celebrations that day, too. According to Days of the Year, in 2014 they include Radio Commercials Day and Race Your Mouse Around the Icons Days. So, spread the love.

9. Emulate one of your favorite fictional characters.

There are plenty of fictional dudes who wear bow ties. Regardless if you’re a fan of 007, Sesame Street, time lords, or 1960s advertising men, there’s a way to involve signature neckwear in honoring one of your heroes or engage in some cosplay.

10. Try something new on.

So, what if you’re already a committed bow tie devotee? How can you spice things up? Try a different type, color, or pattern on. Beau Ties Ltd. — among other shops — provides plenty of variety. With dozens of options, you can find new ways to keep things fresh and keep the people in your life on their toes. Besides trying something new can help put a smile on their face, and that’s the point of a holiday like this.

In interest of disclosure, Beau Ties Ltd. approached me about writing about this topic. After the fact, it sent me a small gift, which I have accepted but was unaware of prior to writing and publishing this post.