Untied Bow Ties

Untied Bow Ties

Note (January 4, 2015): In retrospect, this post is probably mistitled and a bit off the mark. I’ll own up to it. My desire when writing this post was to provide another reason why it is important for guys to tie their own bow ties. The reason is that traditional bow ties look far better untied than the pre-tied variety. I stand by that assertion, but as I note here, the vast majority of the time one should have their bow tie tied. It’s just the classy thing to do, and I hope that people don’t take this post as license to start using an untied bow tie as a wise statement.

From the get-go, let’s get something straight. When wearing a bow tie, the vast majority of the time, make sure that it is tied. Although they can certainly look fly when untied, wearing them in this fashion should only serve as an exception rather the rule.

I’m a proponent of tying one’s own tie. As I’ve noted, even GQ explains that perfection isn’t required; in fact, a little floppiness is expected (but no sloppiness).

Another advantage to tying one’s own ties is that its helps display confidence. Knowing how to complete a task that many people find intimidating is always a good thing. Further, when one’s neckwear isn’t perfect by design it projects more confidence. When one isn’t constantly checking their wardrobe, the focus is on them and not the guy’s preoccupation with himself.

So, there’s many reasons to not wear pretied bow ties.

Another one to highlight is how regular bow ties look when they’re untied. It isn’t hard to find a stylized picture, luxury brand advertisement, or celebrity sporting an untied bow tie. They look great.

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What doesn’t look that super is when a pretied tie is untied. Check out this other Pinterest board for a couple of examples of how this look just doesn’t work.

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See what I mean?

So, here are the rules:

  1. Tie your own!
  2. Have it tied most of the time.
  3. Don’t fret when letting it go untied from time to time.
  4. Feel confident and strut your stuff.