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Sewing Bow Ties

I’m not crafty at all. However, some people love to sew and make things on their own; they’re the DIY (do it yourself) crowd. Lots of crafters have loads of equipment to help them make their products and even look at resources like this Xyron Creative Station Review to make sure what they’re buying is going to help them complete their DIY crafting. They take this stuff seriously!

Martha Stewart is arguably the Crafter-in-Chief, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that she’s already tackled making bow ties. A few years back on her show Martha Stewart Living Aaron Caramanis, one of the show staffers, shared an idea of how to make bow ties. They’re not alone in their prowess.

Melissa over at Sew Like My Mom has her own tutorial and pattern. Here’s one of her creations:

Sew Like My Mom Bow Tie

Pretty dapper, eh? In fact, in regard to her craftiness she states: “It’s been so fun to create custom neck wear! I’ve even been able to get him to wear holiday bow ties! And he really likes getting to pick out the fabric himself.”

Portia and Kate also have patterns as well. There are numerous others; just google it.

As a stickler for tying one’s own tie, I feel that even if one makes their own bow tie, they should make ones that require them to tie their own. Thus, when one is rocking it, they can enjoy an even bigger sense of achievement.

Either way, one of the things that I admire most about these wonderful crafters is that they can customize neckwear and tailor it better to the individual. Even if they have one of the top rated sewing machines to help them, it still takes real skill to create such masterpieces. An important aspect of that is the pattern and fabric used to make a tie. I don’t spend much time in craft stores perusing the fabric bolt section, but I do spend time on-line and in stores looking for articles of clothing that have the specific pattern that I’m in the mood for. People who can sew can find fabric with their desired pattern and turn it into a fabulous fashion statement. So, sewing as a skill has its advantages.

Crafters, I salute you.