Sir Winston Churchill

Bow Tie Traditions

According to some of his biographers, Winston Churchill wore bow ties as tribute to his father since his father also liked to wear this particular type of neckwear. What makes this gesture even more meaningful is the fact that his father had a very distant relationship with his admiring son.

I’ve thought about this anecdote during the last few days due to an instance of seeing a fashion tradition in action.

During a family gathering at my sister’s house, I saw my brother-in-law’s grandfather give him a case of multiple generations of family fashion artifacts.

Heirloom Cufflinks and Tie Tacks

Heirloom Cufflinks and Tie Clips

His grandfather explained that the case contained cufflinks and tie tacks that he and his father wore. In fact, as a lad in high school, he would wear french cuff shirts and ties to school while his classmates wore t-shirts and jeans. While I didn’t dress up fancy in high school, I appreciate the dandy that he was and still is. Either way, since he doesn’t wear the cufflinks and tie clips that often anymore, he wanted my brother-in-law to have them since he enjoys vintage fashion statements. Now, the younger generation can better pay tribute to past generations.

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Fortunately, I have some heirloom cufflinks — a pair from both grandpas and a great grandfather, all whom have passed on. When it comes to special family events, I wear them, and my relatives appreciate the gesture to include one of our beloved grandpas.

As a first generation bow tie devotee, I hope to start a family tradition of my own. Now that I have a sizable collection, which will surely grow, I hope to pass them along to my future sons. Hopefully, I’ll live as a father worthy of emulation and tribute from my sons. My fingers are crossed on that one.

Keeping the potential of a tradition in may help when trying to coax someone to wear a bow tie on Father’s Day or National Bow Tie Day (August 28).