Bow Ties for Wedding Guests

Bow Ties for Wedding Guests

A really good buddy of mine got married last week, and I’m so excited for him. Although he knew me before I really got into bow ties, during most of our friendship, they’ve served as the focal point of my wardrobe where we interacted — church. So, understanding that, the type of neckwear for me to wear at his special event was clear.

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When it comes to what I wear to a wedding, here are some of the factors I consider.

First, I try to envision what my entire outfit would have. That’s where a Pinterest board like this one comes in handy. While many of these items are more casual and are for a specific season, this is still a good source of inspiration.

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Beyond that, there are other factors to consider.

Black or white tie in the past were solid options that provided rigid expectations of what one was to wear, but this wedding’s dress code for everyone but the bride and groom was Sunday best, which allows a lot of freedom to excel or fail sartorially. So, wearing either of these formal options would seem out of place. In fact, for better or for worse, the same goes for the groom and wedding party. If they wear bow ties, they’ll wear ones that more colorful and have some patterns.

Along those lines is color. Since my friend came from out of state since most of his family lives near me, I’m not really sure what the wedding colors were. Plus, since when are dudes involved that type of stuff anyways? If I knew what they were, I would likely try to coordinate my tie with them somewhat. A few years ago two of my friends — the bride is an interior designer — got married, and orange was one of their colors. I wore an orange tie with some hesitation since I didn’t want to impede on the wedding party. My concerns were unfounded; the bride appreciated my choice in color. So, that’s a fine option unless you know a particular bride wouldn’t approve of you tying your wardrobe into the wedding colors.

Another thing to consider is what type of suit to wear, which I matched my tie to. Since this was an autumn wedding in my neck of the woods, I wore a more conservative, solid color suit — like my navy blue one. As much fun as wearing my seersucker suit seems, that’s a summer suit. Thus, I selected a tie with a pattern but nothing as colorful as I would wear during the spring and summer.

Also, despite the fact that weddings are not as formal as they once were, they do give one an excuse to dress up a little bit more than they typically do. For dudes, that’s an excellent excuse to accessorize in a masculine manner. My plan was to pull out a pocket square, lapel pin, and a pair of cuff links while ditching a belt for suspenders. Wearing a hat is certainly tempting, but given the fact that it isn’t that polite to wear one in the presence of a lady, I didn’t wear one for this event.

Ultimately, the most important things is to look nice and feel comfortable enough to enjoy the celebration of the marriage. So, with some common sense (which is most of what the above discussion involves), one can confidently wear a bow tie to a wedding to help other people feel the joy of the occasion.