Statue of Liberty with one of Nick Graham's Bow Ties

Statue of Liberty to wear Bow Ties

Diagram of Statue of Liberty Bow Tie Stunt

Diagram of Statue of Liberty Bow Tie Stunt

File this in the “Why not?” folder. Gothamist and USA Today report that the Statue of Liberty in New York City may don two bow ties on Halloween this year.

Fashion designer Nick Graham (who founded the Joe Boxer label) is staging an elaborate PR stunt during the morning of October 31, 2014 — Halloween — to launch a new menswear line. He and a team will use helicopters to carry two 35 pound bow ties that are 30 feet long by 60 feet tall to Lady Liberty. The helicopters will hover each tie (one at a time) in front of her giving the appearance that she’s wearing them.

“One is black with white dots and one is orange with white dots,” Graham told USA Today‘s Lori Grisham.

How’s that for a Halloween costume?

Graham further explained to Grisham, “I want this to be the first dress-up on Halloween, so that’s the reason that we’re doing it at 8 a.m. in the morning.”

Reports of clearance to pull off this unconventional press event are based off of what Graham claims. According to him, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the American government agency in charge of regulating the air space, has cleared the use of helicopters to ferry the ties to statue. Since the plan is to have the ties hover 1,000 feet away from Liberty Island, it falls out of the purview of the National Park Service.

So, I have mixed feelings about this event. As a bow tie devotee, I typically am glad when my favorite neckwear gets some attention. However, Gothamist’s Jen Carlson makes a rather interesting point that a national symbol of the United States shouldn’t “sell out.” Her post is titled: “Statue Of Liberty Will Be Put To Good Use On Halloween To Promote Clothing Line.” Her snarky tone also illuminates that point that this event has the chance to cheapen Liberty. Besides, who else will attempt to dress her up? What accessory does she need?

Regardless, this is a fun thing to blog about.


This event has been postponed…