Bow Tie Stunts

Bow Tie Stunts

Fashion is not for the faint of heart. Just like other articles of clothing, bow ties are used for stunts — sometimes for good, bad, and for kicks.

Publicity Stunts

Diagram of Statue of Liberty Bow Tie Stunt

Diagram of Statue of Liberty Bow Tie Stunt

Fashion designer Nick Graham decided to help the Statue of Liberty with her Halloween costume in 2014. Lady Liberty wore bow ties. Enlisting the help of helicopters, approval from the FAA, and effort by many were required to pull off this publicity stunt. This wasn’t just for fun. Graham launched a menswear line.

Stunts like this are expensive, but they do get attention. Media outlets including USA Today, ABC News, and CNN all covered this event. It’ll be interesting to see how this attention helps with his fashion line launch.

As of when this post was published, this stunt was postponed, but it is still planned to occur.

Stunt Accessory

To the chagrin of many — including GQ Style Guy Glenn O’Brien — while penning a piece for Slate Rob Walker stated that the bow tie is a “stunt accessory.” Walker also referred to them — thanks to Tucker Carlson — as “the nose ring of the conservative.” As Slate‘s Gentleman Scholar Troy Patterson says, “People despise Tucker Carlson because he is Tucker Carlson” and not for his former choice of neckwear. Besides, who doesn’t admire Winston Churchill? (Yeah, I am sure that a few people don’t — but not many.)

Although they’re not for the timid, bow ties aren’t necessarily worn as a stunt. Thanks to O’Brien and Patterson, there’s no need to fear the people who don’t wear this type of neckwear correctly. Granted, there are people who commit fashion sins out of ignorance but some do so knowingly. Besides, how many jerks and twits do you know who wear long ties?

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Many of us choose to define ourselves with bow ties, but we don’t have to let the clowns define us. A signature look can remain at the individual level even as a person chooses to emulate admirable bow tie devotees.

Stunts for Good

Donald D. Owen giving a bow tie tying lesson

Donald D. Owen giving a bow tie tying lesson

Various organizations use bow tie stunts for good. These range from world record attempts to charity fundraisers that are neckwear sales and soirees requiring gents to wear bow ties.

In fact, Donald D. Owens hosted the Skip the Clip fundraiser for National Bow Tie Day in order to raise money for an endowed scholarship supporting students in the school district that he’s superintendent over. How cool is that?

There are many other examples of good stunts, and one can easily add to this movement by starting their own.

Remember that great sartorial flair come with great responsibility.