Hominy Bow Tie - Beau Ties Ltd of Vermont

Thanksgiving Bow Ties

Hominy Bow Tie - Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont

Hominy Bow Tie – Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont

Just as they did for National Bow Tie Day, my friends at Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont have reminded me about the holiday season. One must prepare for the holidays. So, they sent me their Hominy bow tie to check out.

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The short story is that I like it.

Holiday Theme

As I have written before, when it comes to bow ties and holidays, one must consider the nature of each holiday when selecting their attire for theme events. For instance, I thinks it is best to incorporate a bow tie into one’s costume for Halloween instead of aiming to find a tie with orange and black or patterns involving witches, jack-o-laterns, scarecrows, etc. You can find ways to go more zany than during other holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s, and Easter when dress standards are more relaxed.

However, while the other holidays also have plenty of foci, Thanksgiving tends to revolve around food and family gatherings. Therefore, attention on the holiday should center on the delicious food that people work hard to prepare it and those who gather to enjoy it, and that’s why sartorial decisions shouldn’t aim to steal the lime light. That’s why when I googled to see what other people have to say about mens attire for Thanksgiving dinner, many suggest avoiding theme ties. I agree.

Having said that, that doesn’t mean one’s neckwear can’t have a festive flair. That’s what I like about Hominy; it’s festive without screaming for too much attention. Beau Ties Ltd. definitely balances this well with its Thanksgiving bow ties. Each article of this collection has an autumn flair, but keeps it calm with the exception of the fun owls of the Hoot and the zany Plaidish Trees.

Another great thing about the Hominy is that its pattern with dried corn kernels fits the Thanksgiving theme. It is not uncommon to see corn on the dinner table. Corn is commonly seen in cornucopias. Further, the yellow and brown hues blend in with the oranges, greens, and similar colors in the holiday’s palette.

Wearing it at the table

Not everyone has a “Sunday best” dress code for their Thanksgiving dinners, but some do. Wearing this bow tie to dinner adds some elegance to the occasion. So, for those who do end up wearing a suit and tie to dinner, taking the tie off and then loosening up one’s collar and definitely their belt as the feast commences will likely occur.

That’s why it’s genius that using hominy for its pattern lends itself to the entire autumn season (in much of the United States, at least). Even though one may not wear it throughout Thanksgiving dinner, there are plenty of other times to wear it. The same goes for many other ties in the Thanksgiving collection.

Fabric Quality

Just like my experience with other Beau Ties Ltd. ties, I’m impressed with the quality.

First off, the ties are hand sewn in Vermont. That personal attention to each tie ensures quality and prevents them from having a mass produced feel. For clothes — and many other things one buys — that’s a quality that is seemingly more rare as we trade craftsmanship for price.

Further, as I’ve opined before about tie thickness, I find it is easier to not only tie but to tame a thicker one. That’s something I admire about Beau Tie Ltd.’s ties; they’re thick enough to hold their shape and stay in place than thinner ones that I’ve bought from other brands — even storied ones.

It is for these reasons I recommend the Hominy tie. Happy Turkey Day!