Hominy Bow Tie - Beau Ties Ltd of Vermont

Reactions to My Beau Ties Ltd. Hominy Bow Tie

Hominy Bow Tie - Beau Ties Ltd of Vermont

Hominy Bow Tie – Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont

I have a big¬†family, and my Mom’s side of the family had a large Thanksgiving dinner this evening. So, I decided to wear my Hominy bow tie that my friends at Beau Ties Ltd. sent me. I reviewed it for Thanksgiving attire.

My goal was not to solicit comments about it as I was hoping to get genuine thoughts from my family members. There were a few things that made me more hopeful for comments. First, most people don’t wear their Sunday best to this dinner; there are many people who wear more informal clothes. Second, I’m typically one who wears more casual attire. With these two factors, I had a decent chance of getting some compliments. ¬†Let’s not forget to mention how awesome the tie looks!

As it turns out, a few people did bring it up — including my Mom! Here’s what they said:

My Mom – “You look like fall itself!”

An Aunt – “Look at your tie!”

Another Aunt – “You and your cute bow ties!”

A Cousin’s Wife – “I love your bow tie!”

A Cousin – “I like the corn on your tie” (mentioning how it fit the theme of the evening)

I did have to prompt my cousin, but she was already smiling about it when I asked her.

So, the reviews are in. People like the Hominy tie.