2015 Bow Tie Events

2015 Bow Tie Events

As 2015 begins, it is time to look forward with excitement for the great events that the year will bring.
10 Bow Tie Ideas for New Year's Eve Parties

10 Bow Tie Ideas for New Year’s Eve Parties

Dress to impress at your New Years Eve party.
Purple Bow Tie with Orange Lapel Pin and Pocket Square

Justin Timberlake Bow Tie Quote: “A gentleman can never have too many bow ties.”

During a concert on December 14, 2014 in Brooklyn, New York a 10 year old fan gave Justin Timberlake a bow tie, and what Timberlake said will inspire you.
December is Tie Month

December is Tie Month

Ties are so important that they get their own month.
Gift Buyers' Guide for Giving to Bow Tie Devotees

Gift Buyers’ Guide for Giving to Bow Tie Devotees

As you hunt for the perfect gift for the bow tie devotee in your life, go ahead and focus on the fun parts of his personality. Allow that to make something that many people dread -- shopping for gifts -- fun.
Bow Tie Club's Festive Santa

Bow Ties for Christmas

It's Christmas... and time to have some fun with bow ties.
Bow 'n Ties Infographic

Bow Tie Infographic

If you're looking for bow tie facts, Bows 'n Ties has some for you.