Bow 'n Ties Infographic

Bow Tie Infographic

If you’re looking for bow tie facts, Bows ‘n Ties has some for you. Back in September 2014, it created an infographic shedding some interesting light on the neckwear. Using a variety of sources including Google search history, its own website traffic and sales data, and some surveys filled out by other tie producers, it came to the following conclusions. Some of my highlights are below the graphic.

Southerners in the USA like them more than men elsewhere

Dudes in Mississippi are apparently the ones who are most interested in the neckwear — at least according to Google search data of adult men. South Carolina, Alabama, Connecticut, and Kentucky round out the top five in that order. This isn’t too surprising considering one of the most prominent types of men associated with bow ties are southern gentlemen. In many cases, it is common to see them wear them to school, parties, horse races, and other events with some formality. Elsewhere in the country, long ties are more commonly seen.

Searches for “neckties” are declining

After reviewing Google search data since 2009, people are searching for “bow ties” more while fewer are for “neckties.” There are likely many factors at play here, but Matt Smith tenure on Doctor Who did spur great interest in this sartorial inclination. No doubt the increased interest further fueled emulation in famous bow tie wearers — both real and fictional.

Very few people know how to tie a bow tie

It isn’t surprising that many men don’t have this skill. While I’m no pollster, the one percent figure seems low, but based upon survey of 8,900 men conducted by Bows ‘n Ties and, only 92 gents responded that they knew how. So, that’s more data than I have. Regardless, this is just another data point of how intimidating men find this neckwear. Thus, knowing how to tie one makes it that much more impressive to women and men alike.

Tie your own ties!

Bows ‘n Ties state, “The true bow tie aficionado will argue that the self-tie bow tie is the only acceptable option.” I agree. However, it cites sales figures and other trends to defend the prevalence of pre-tied options. Ugh!

This trend baffles me — especially since there are so many allowances for imperfection. Don’t get me wrong, one’s tie needs to look nice, but the fashion world has gone out of its way to praise men who tie their own. For instance, GQ — a publication that is a leading authority of mens fashion and style — explicitly states that not only is a crooked tie considered ok, it’s expected.

Further, when it comes to the difficulty of tying them, former US Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens wears bow ties since they seem easier to him to tie than long ties. If someone as smart and accomplished as him feels this way, why don’t more men agree?

Black and White

It’s no surprise that black and white are some of the most popular colors for bow ties; black tie and white tie attire are considered very formal and are seen at glamorous events. There’s also boxing referees who wear black ties. However, it is important to enjoy other patterns and colors as well with one’s neckwear.


Finally, no surprises here, but here are the holidays for which Bows ‘n Ties experiences traffic spikes during the following holidays.