December is Tie Month

December is Tie Month

National Bow Tie Day is August 28. Cravat Day is October 18. So, ties in general need a special time, too. That’s what December is — Tie Month according to the Days of the Year site. Like some of my friends, mens neckwear must share a month with a bunch of holidays, but even this menswear gets some respect.

Christmas Birthday

Neckwear is important; Bloomberg cares about National Bow Tie Day. Recognizing this importance, the folks at CNN’s iReport reached out to me asking about why some men still wear ties despite the growing casual dress trend. In response, I gave them five reasons why bow ties are important. These reasons are:

1. Bow Ties Make People Happy

Those of us who wear bow ties know what it’s like to see people smile and compliment us when they speak with us. Granted, it doesn’t happen all the time, but I’ve found even after people see me wear the same type of neckwear for months, they still occasionally mention my ties.

2. Bow Ties Project Confidence

These days people dress more casually even at work, church, and special occasions (like weddings). Therefore, ties and formal neckwear aren’t seen as much these days. Hence, CNN’s question about why some men still wear ties these days. Since ties aren’t worn that much anymore and a small subset of those worn are bow ties means that it takes a guy who doesn’t mind standing out to wear one, and people respond positively to that confidence.

3. Tradition and Tribute

According to some of his biographers, former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill wore his iconic bow ties as a tribute to his father, Randolph. Despite a distant relationship between them, Churchill lionized his father. Following his cue, men can use bow ties to symbolize their meaningful relationships (father and son, mentor and protegee, partner and partner/husband and husband, best friends, teammates, etc.).

4. Personality

For those of us who have spent awhile adhering to a strict dress code, expressing personality is important. I spent a couple of years required to wear a white shirt, tie (this was before my bow tie days), and a conservative, dark suit or pair of slacks. During this time, the tie was the best way for me to express myself. The same goes for bow ties, which by themselves intrigue people — let alone their colors or patterns. Further, there are many notable devotees and stereotypes associated with the neckwear worthy of emulation as a way to emphasize some of their personality — quirks and all. Foodies have Alton Brown. Cosplayers have two Doctors from the Doctor Who franchise. The list goes on.

5. Signature Look

Many people shy away from standing out in a crowd. It’s scary getting singled out. However, if one is a decent bloke who is nice and works hard, standing out isn’t a bad thing at all. With this in mind, men known as “the bow tie guy” can certainly enjoy positive attention whether it’s used professionally, romantically, or personally.

Fashion Matters

I must admit that life as a fashion blogger has definitely made me think. At first, this who niche blog idea was a fun way to learn more about a sartorial statement that I’ve grown to love to make. However, as I’ve committed to write about such a specific topic has helped me realize why style and fashion are important. I hope that you agree.